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Archon requires only a blank MySQL or Microsoft SQL Server database and a webserver (of any type) running PHP 5.0 or higher. An installer is provided. If you do not know what information to provide on the initial page of the installer, provide the file "Installation Instructions.pdf" to a system administrator, who can then either install the application for you or provide you the correct information to install it yourself.

Archon is optimized to run on a LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) platform. Archon project staff cannot assist with configuring web or database servers to install Archon Such questions should be directed to the Archon forum.

Download Archon 3.21

IMPORTANT: Please view the release announcement for information regarding Archon's new platform requirements!

The base code is maintained by the University of Illinois, where we are running production versions of Archon. Archon is provided under the Illinois Open Source License.

If you would like to provide usability feedback, please contact Chris Prom or Scott Schwartz.

Previous versions

Archon 3.21
Archon 3.20
Archon 3.14
Archon 3.13-r1 Archon 3.13
Archon 3.12
Archon 3.11
Archon 3.10
Archon 3.01
Archon 3.00
Archon 2.23
Archon 2.22
Archon 2.21
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Archon 2.10
Archon 2.02
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Archon 1.11
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Archon 1.00

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